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Call it a chic café. Call it a trendy hub, with the freshest food in town. But, whatever you do, don’t call J. Christopher’s a garage. Though it still has garage doors.

This upbeat café on Liberty St. is a blend of eclectic pop art, bright lights and mod seating. Don’t be fooled though -- this café is downtown, but its prices aren’t. On any given day, you can eat fresh, unique dishes for under $10. Some items are under $5.

J. Christopher’s is only open for brunch, but has no need to stay open later. It’s so popular that every time I go, the place is jam-packed full of happy eaters.

Besides their inimitable specials, this brunch stop does offer typical favorites, but nothing is typical about any of them. Try for example their pancakes and waffles. The blueberry crunch cakes are made with a bit of granola for crunch. You’ll think you’re in San Francisco!

Even simple waffles aren’t simple. The essence of sweet vanilla brings you that down home feeling. And you can choose from strawberry waffles to all sorts of special waffles smothered in gooey fruit compotes. If you order the chocolate chip pancakes, be warned --  you’ll want more.

Even their skillets with fresh herbs, roasted potatoes, cheese, eggs, and meats can’t be messed with. You can create your own, or let the menu make a decision for you. The San Bernadino skillet has avocado, chicken cheese and chives.

My personal favorite is the goddess skillet, which of course I ordered for its namesake. This lighter side of the skillet brunch has egg whites, spinach, feta and tomatoes.

 During the week, specials take on different flairs. Their eggs benedict might have a huevos rancheros touch. Their huevos avocado has poached eggs with avocado, pico de’cado, cheese, and sour cream.

Their Eggs Christopher is my all time favorite. The traditional eggs benedict is made over with smoke turkey, bacon and tomatoes. It is out of this world. The hollandaise makes the smoky flavors really pop.

Sandwiches, like the Portobello sandwich, are fresh and huge. You get your moneys worth, whether you get their turkey Reuben or chicken salad. For dieters, J. Christopher’s offers south beach items, lo carb breads, egg substitutes and fresh vegetarian salads and sandwiches.

You can savor these flavors with fresh juices or a steamy cappuccino.

The best feature of this hot spot is that there is nothing quiet about it. Children are welcome and adored! Their children’s menu is fun and friendly, like their customer service. Their dinosaur eggs, or pancake specials are light on the wallet and big on little bellies.


J. Christopher’s is open from 7 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Sunday. They are located at 122 Liberty Street.