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Savannah comes together at the new 3 Points Food Court
Just south of Starland, a creative food-truck hub debuts on Jan. 16
Food trucks converge at 3 Points Food Court during a December trial-opening event. - photo by 3 Points Food Court
Offbeat storefronts, dive bars, a 1940s cinema converted into a music venue, and an over-the-top burger joint are but a few of the eclectic destinations that make up one of Atlanta’s most unique neighborhoods: Little Five Points. The name itself comes from the intersection of Moreland Avenue, McLendon Avenue, and Euclid Avenue, creating the five points of the alternative Atlanta hotspot.

While Savannah’s Starland District has the closest vibe to Atlanta’s art-filled Little Five Points, the Hostess City lacks a neighborhood that is aptly named for its intersecting points. Similar offbeat businesses make up and make known our local art-focused Starland neighborhood. Graveface Records, Two Tide Brewing, and Back in the Day Bakery are just some of the unique businesses that have put Starland on the map.

The Starland District edges into Bingville, which sits next to Cane Park and Jackson Park. All three are growing neighborhoods. It is easy to imagine a future that includes an even larger Starland neighborhood that has lurched into something more similar to Little Five Points. Douglas Kaufman, the owner of 3 Points Food Court, had precisely that vision when creating Savannah’s new food-truck park.

3 Points Food Court is located on Orchard Street, where the three districts meet. Kaufman is at the forefront of trying to expand this little-known district with the grand opening of his brand-new food truck destination happening on Jan. 16.

To explain Kaufman's vision, 3 Points marketing mastermind Katie Siplon said, “To try to play off Atlanta’s Five Points, we could do 3 Points, and maybe it would catch for this area and other businesses could come down and start doing the same thing.”

The name is a direct play off of Atlanta’s well-known district, Siplon elaborated, and in fact 3 Points sits next to where the points of each Savannah district meet.
Food trucks converge at 3 Points Food Court during a December trial-opening event.
Food trucks converge at 3 Points Food Court during a December trial-opening event. - photo by 3 Points Food Court

“He came up with 3 Points because this location is kind of where three of the boroughs come together. It is Cane Park, Jackson Park, and Bingville,” Siplon said of Kaufman’s inspiration. “He kind of wanted to add something to build up this side of town, make it more desirable, and bring things to this area that wouldn’t normally be here.”

It was named 3 Points Food Court because the new site is so much more than just a food truck parking lot. According to Siplon, “Our vision for this is of course a food truck park, but we want this to be more. We are going to have regular entertainment booked weekly. From live bands, to DJs, to comedians. On the same note, we want the local schools and performance academy to use it for recitals and their concerts.”

A large open stage sits in the center of the food court and is made up of a unique hand-painted backdrop. With the pandemic still raging and Georgians becoming ever more anxious to return to some state of normal, an outdoor venue is ideal for an escape − another need that Kaufman recognized and decided to help fill.

“We do not have an onsite bar or restaurant because we wanted to keep the focus on the local food trucks that we bring in, and the entertainers,” says Siplon.

There is enough space for five different food trucks to be featured at any given time. As for alcohol, the site will allow patrons to bring their own booze. Identification will be checked at the entrance to ensure no consumption laws are broken. Siplon explained that the BYOB approach “will be at certain times and for certain events. It will probably be on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.”
Food trucks converge at 3 Points Food Court during a December trial-opening event.
Food trucks converge at 3 Points Food Court during a December trial-opening event. - photo by 3 Points Food Court

Bathrooms, tables to relax, yard games, and unique lighting were included as part of the construction of the park − all of which can be experienced at the January 16th official grand opening for 3 Points Food Court. The park will be filled with local food trucks, and guests can also expect live music and a ribbon cutting. The event is open to the public.

After Jan. 16th, the park will be open Wednesdays through Sundays to get things going. Wednesdays and Thursdays will be open during evening hours only, but the other days will have daytime hours. Fridays and Saturdays feature late-night hours from 9pm to midnight for those pouring out of the Starland bars.

In December the park test-drove the site with a bustling charity event. 3 Points hosted five food trucks for a morning toy drive and five different trucks for an evening toy drive for Savannah Feed the Hungry. Although it was for charity, the first event served as a perfect way to work out the park’s logistics before the big opening.

To find the most up-to-date information about upcoming events, visit the park’s website at

“On our website we will have the truck schedule posted for every week, and also special events. There is a special events page. The trucks have a page they can go to and book online,” Siplon told me.

3 Points will also be active on social-media pages (Instagram at @3pointsfoodcourt and Facebook at 3 Points Food Court) with current information about available events and trucks as well. Future events at the park are to include a Farmers Market Day, comedy acts, movie acts, and so much more than most food truck parks offer.

3 Points Food Court: 409 Orchard St., Savannah. Visit for more details.