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Something to Ta Ca about
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So, in the past, if you wanted some delicious sushi in Savannah and you weren’t a Rockefeller, your choices were A) Sakura and B) ...Sakura.

Not that I dislike Sakura. I almost lived in there once.

But it does get a little tiring ordering pretty much the same things at that one restaurant that is the only place in Savannah that caters to your Otaku–need to eat Japanese food. It’s OK, though! A long time ago (about half a year) there opened in the Screamin’ Mimi’s shopping center a discreet and simple sushi place named Ta Ca.

I told you that story to tell you this one: I didn’t go to that restaurant then, but I did go just a few days ago — and it was awesome.

They have kind of a tiny menu in comparison to the mighty Sakura but it’s all good. I got the JT Roll, a side of fried rice and some red bean ice cream for dessert. The JT roll was well-prepared and had avocado slices, eel and eel sauce drizzled on top of it, with tempura shrimp and happiness within.

I really love eel sauce and I got an extra side of theirs, which is especially good for some reason. The roll’s a little pricey at almost $9, but it’s pretty big, especially if you get a side to help you pre–game.

The fried rice was a little disappointing. It seemed to me to be regular rice fried with just enough soy or teriyaki to give it color, but no flavor other than a vague (but pleasant) nuttiness. It’s easily fixable, though — extra soy and some white sauce (or “shrimp sauce” as it’s called here) and it’s quite delicious again. They give you a very generous helping too, which is awesome because it’s only $2.

On to the ice cream! Their ice cream is the good and proper Japanese mochi ice cream, which is a gelatinous rice cake wrapped around a ball of ice cream. Personally, I’m not fond of the mochi aspect of the ice cream, but here it was quite tasty.

Usually, guys, I just perform surgery on my ice cream to withdraw the creamy goodness from within the hated gelatin shell, but this proved unnecessary on this occasion.

I still did it, though.

Anyway, the ice cream was delicious and red bean is seriously the best flavor to get. If you’re going to get vanilla, just go to Kroger and pick up some Breyers. I think they’re still 2 for $5.

One thing that Breyers probably has on this ice cream is that Breyers isn’t grainy. The ice cream was slightly grainy and I thought it was just the texture of the red bean at first. But I tried my friend Sara’s green tea ice cream (very fragrant and with a strong, strong flavour) and it too was grainy.

Other than those few missteps, the whole experience was great! By far the best part about the meal was the attentive and on–point service.

That poor waiter, though.

One of my friends is a bad diabetic, and because he was recovering from a stint in class with high blood sugar, he was very dehydrated. Every time our waiter would bring Mr. Diabetes another Diet Coke, he’d have to run off for another water refill or a sweet tea or to get me a sauce.

It’s not my fault I’m a sauce fiend.

A final thing that surprised and pleased me was that Ta Ca has superior quality sweet tea. For this being a Southern town, I have noticed, with no small amount of dismay, that there are few places in Savannah with good sweet tea.

Tea is not optional in my book, people.

So, yes. Ta Ca is a good restaurant. You should go there. You will not regret it, I promise.

Love, Caroline...

Ta Ca Sushi & Japanese Fusion

513 E Oglethorpe Ave

(912) 232–8222