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Sushi startup needs work

Aroy–Jung may have the city’s only sushi conveyor surrounding its large chef’s station — but it fails to impress when its orbital path is empty.

I found some rough–around–the–edges aspects during my lunch visit last week. The former Tantra space just off the busy Bull and Broughton streets intersection has been given a minor facelift, but peeling and cracked paint, worn booths and dirty windows didn’t do much to endear the place.

Despite the empty conveyor, the sushi chef was on the job. I ordered an eel roll and a hot entree: green curry fried rice with chicken.

The hot dish, which was good and hot, arrived first and looked great on the plate. My dining companion found a hair in his. I had hoped to find chicken in mine, but found a scant few pieces. The flavor was good, the quantity a good value – but adding a few more, albeit tiny, pieces of chicken would have made me smile.

The sushi roll was nicely presented but the rice layer was, in sushi terms, pretty massive. The sticky rice overwhelmed the roll’s ingredients. The location has struggled over the past few years and I’m not sure a lackadaisical entry into an already overcrowded downtown category (Asian fusion and sushi) can sustain.

8 E. Broughton St./231–2948

Cheers for beer

Tix are on sale now for the Labor Day weekend installment of the Savannah Craft Brew Fest. There is a full three–day weekend of events officially connected to the fest. See the schedule, participating breweries and buy tickets to everything online at

Outside the beer box

I’ll be pairing four beers with an out–of–the box dinner by Taco Abajo Chef Donnie Simmons on Wednesday, Aug. 29. The beers, from tiny Missouri–based Crown Valley, will not be sampled at the festival but you can enjoy them with me.

The full menu is on Taco Abajo’s Facebook page or call the restaurant for reservations, 480–9050.

The Distillery is hosting a full week of brewery nights leading up to the brew fest. Check out the website for specifics. Meet brewing reps, score some SWAG, drink great beer.

Other beer–backing establishments –– Green Truck Pub, Your Pie, The Westin, World of Beer –– also have events. Check out the “Craft Brew Week” tab on the festival website for all of the details.

One big wiener

I spent time last week with Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers Anggela Warstonh and Eliot Pattee for a tour of the iconic Wienermobile.

The 27–foot–long rolling hot dog was parked for several days beneath the equally recognizable Thunderbird Inn neon sign. The inn was home away from home for the young brand ambassadors, who enjoyed a few days off touring Savannah.

There are six Wienermobiles that crisscross the US. The two–person Hotdogger (the company job title) teams spend a year handing out whistles and snapping digital photos with Oscar Mayer fans at events.

And yes, I relished the experience...

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