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Take the guesswork out of your holiday menu. 
The pumpkin pie from Auspicious Baking Company - photo by Photo courtesy Auspicious Baking Company

AS THE LOW country dusts off recipe cards and prepares for the beginning of the holiday season, many will likely choose to keep their turkey day feasts small. With safety concerns, this year’s Thanksgiving Day is likely to result in smaller dinner tables and even smaller feasts. 

Maybe certain family members are unable to make it to table this year, and you may not feel like cooking given the absence of those missing loved ones. Just because the table has less filled seats doesn’t mean we should forget Thanksgiving all together. I, for the first time ever, will be seeking help from local restaurants that certainly cook more handily than I. Why spend hours baking a pie when there are less guests to enjoy it? 

All week, all over Savannah, local restaurants have been announcing specialty pick-up menus to aid home cooks on Thanksgiving Day. To-go and delivery food is the wave of the future for 2020, and Thanksgiving should be no exception.

Here is a list of local restaurants that will take the guesswork out of your holiday menu. 

Cotton & Rye: “Cotton & Rye is doing Sides, Pies, and Breads Thanksgiving pop up. It’s basically everything but the turkey!” according to owner Zack Shultz. The menu includes every single side item that you want on your Thanksgiving table just made the Cotton & Rye way – and that’s always a positive!

Do not expect anything that you would find on their normal menu. The restaurant is going all out this year for Thanksgiving. Pastry Chef Peanut has even taken the time to include some extra special carbs like garlic cheddar biscuits and soft white milk rolls. 

The two available desserts are a pumpkin pie with chocolate chip and graham cracker crust topped with chantilly cream and an apple and peach cobbler with notes of maple and cinnamon. I like the idea of skipping a table full of pies, and instead having one delectable crumble that combines the best of all of the traditional fruit pies.  “Orders can be placed at the restaurant or by calling or texting (912) 441-4612,” Shultz said. 

Erica Davis Low Country: As an experienced catering business that now has a brick and mortar, Erica Davis Low Country is more than prepared to make your entire feast and everything in between. 

Appetizers, southern sides, meats, and desserts grace Erica Davis’ special Thanksgiving pickup menu. You will find their signature items like Savannah red rice, smoked brussels, and mac ‘n’ cheese. Go for the Brussels, they are smoked until crispy then smothered in a unique sticky sweet sauce. For the centerpiece, you can order something unique this year like a Boston butt or shrimp and grits. 

Savannah Smokehouse: Available for pickup on Wednesday, Nov. 25, Savannah Smokehouse is offering smoked Thanksgiving specials and entire Thanksgiving meals. 

The whole Thanksgiving meal feeds 12-15 people, and includes a large choice in items. Purveyors get a choice of a whole smoked turkey or sliced turkey breast, three sides, cornbread dressing, and your choice of dessert. The dessert options are banana pudding, pecan pie, peach cobbler, or sweet potato soufflé. 

Whole smoked turkey, smoked turkey breast, cornbread dressing, sweet potato souffle, and peach cobbler are also available for individual purchase. 

Go online to to find out more. 

Auspicious Baking Company: Pre ordering baked goods from Auspicious Bakery is nothing new. This year they are placing some very special holiday pies on their normal menu. The pies include variations like pumpkin pie with a whipped white chocolate ganache and honey-ginger toasted seeds. 

To order, go online at or order in store.

“Thanksgiving pre orders placed before Nov. 22 will be carefully packaged to convenience the in-store pick-ups. Swing by the bake house in Sandfly Wednesday, the 25th between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., [but beware—as always,] the retail counter is going to be packed. Crackers, breakfast, bread and pies fuel the festivities, so let us help you get that holiday table squared away,” owner Kaytlin Bryant said. 

The British Pie Company: The pie that sits on your family table does not have to be sweet. Go for a twist and keep the holiday meal concise with a savory pie. This month’s pie of the month is an award winning Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Pie. You can have all the Thanksgiving Day necessities in one dish and keep the dishes light. Stop by any location to hand pick your desired pie – savory or not. 

Big Bon Bodega: The first time I tasted Big Bon’s hand crafted and wood-fired bagels, I instantly fell in love. The Big Bon family knows how to bake, so ordering a few treats to add to your Thanksgiving menu is a no brainer. 

The Thanksgiving presale menu at Big Bon includes bagels (of course) and a few extra special classic items. Most noteworthy to mention is their wood-fired sourdough bread and a few casseroles, hash brown and a sausage, bacon and four cheeses. Pick up is scheduled for Nov. 25 and quantities are limited. Place your orders quickly on their website at

Le Cafe Gourmet: The fall and Thanksgiving catering menu is the biggest available in Savannah. You can place your order now and get anything from family quiches to charcuterie boards. 

The specialty menu even includes the items for which Le Cafe is most known – handmade croissants and breads. I like the idea of ordering a few extra croissants and having them available for an easy Black Friday breakfast. 

The pies feed 8-10 people and include the tried and true pecan pie and pumpkin pie. The last option is a little more sophisticated, and will add a touch of class to any thanksgiving menu—the succulent and balanced almond cream and pear pie. 

Once you place your order at, the items are available for pickup at their Georgetown or Savannah location. Delivery is available as well.