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Long Branch, A-Z

I’ve driven past The Long Branch on Skidaway hundreds of times, always chuckling at its well-publicized tagline: “Beware, it snaps back!”

I ventured in for a beer once, but never gave a thought to eating there until several colleagues heaped praise on the bar’s massive burger and value-packed menu.

So, I went — twice.

This ain’t no country club. It is a dependable neighborhood watering hole where the regulars know one another.

Where the quiet ones are left to nurse a drink and the gregarious guests banter with the barkeep, crack pool balls against one another and feed a jukebox seemingly filled with nothing but ‘80s tunes.

I ordered the burger for lunch. This massive, half-pound patty sits inside a nicely toasted bun. It’s juicy, seasoned perfectly and comes with a choice of sides. Yeah, it’s gotta be French fries — old-school crinkle cuts, thank you very much. A burger this big and this delicious, would have set me back a cool $10-$12 bucks downtown. Long Branch: $6.

Oh, and that’s WITH a drink and tax.

While I scanned the menu at lunch, I noticed a $13 (drink and tax included) rib-eye steak dinner with salad, garlic bread and a side dish. Uh oh, here’s comes one of those paper thin, doctored-up steaks. Not to be.

The new owner told me the meat is hand cut and that each steak lands somewhere between 16-18 ounces.

Dinner is served. The steak was just as much of a wait as the burger – everything is made to order, very much one at a time. But when this behemoth landed it proved worth the investment of time.

I would have backed off on the seasoning salt and laid down kosher salt and pepper, but the nitpicking didn’t last long. A bite or two into the beautiful piece of beef and I could have cared less about a pile of French fries. Tender, not too fatty, piping hot; all the qualities of a king-sized steak.

The accompaniments? Standard fare – but the salad was amazingly cold and crisp, the cherry tomatoes popping with nice acidity. Hand-cut and battered onion rings are ridiculously tasty and the wings are in the city’s top three.

Service is the sketchy part of Long Branch. Lone bartender/server/frontman Timmy runs ragged trying to keep up. I made several trips to the bar to score drink refills and had to go looking for a check. Still, it’s not The Ritz — the food and value had already far exceeded my expectations.

Lunch specials follow a set schedule, so if you’re a fried chicken fan go on Wednesdays. Other main courses on other days include fried fish, meatloaf and pork chops. There’s an endless stream of cold beer flowing and full bar service.

2411 Skidaway Road  |  232-6175

More Mex

Epazote is a native Mexican plant used for seasoning. It’s also the name of a new Mexican restaurant going into the former SubDogs location on Broughton Street. No menu yet, but peeking through the window, this looks like fast casual, street food service. Stay tuned.

Yogurt comes to Habersham Village

Sweet Frog yogurt shops are all over the U.S. – and now there’s one in Habersham Village, 4503 Habersham St.
It’s the familiar self-serve concept where yogurt and toppings are sold by weight. This addition to the Village brings a quick casual dessert or snack option to the growing number of food outlets already there. Sweet Frog opens daily at 11 a.m. 201-1304,

Premium Scotch

Single malt scotch fan? Drop me an e-mail to receive an invitation to a tasting of very limited edition single malt scotch planned for Nov. 16. We’ll have light appetizers and sample a stunning collection of limited production Scotch – some with less than 300 bottles available worldwide.

The address: