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The Foodie Column

Yo, Yohane

Wedged among the visual clutter of the shopping center on the northeast corner of Hodgson Memorial and Eisenhower drives sits tiny Yohane restaurant.

The narrow storefront and its barely two dozen seats are unpretentious. I’ve walked or driven past this 7–year–old restaurant with barely a sideways glance. It’s fair enough to call it a mom & pop joint — because it is — and because that personal touch is present with every dish.

Do not queue up to eat here if you’re in a hurry. The sign that says, “Every dish prepared to order” means every component is cooked when you order it, and that takes time.

However, I don’t think there is ever a queue at Yohane, and that’s too bad. This little eatery deserves a line at its door. I had been tipped off to the restaurant’s jjamppong.

Translated, that can mean lots of things, but it mostly means “a mixture.” Yohane’s jjamppong is a mixture of seafood in a mildly spicy broth with long, soft noodles. On the first bone–chilling day of the year, it was a welcome, steaming bowl that arrived at my table.

Tender tail–on shrimp, squid, mussels, and pieces of octopus bobbed up to the surface amid peeking strands of noodles and dark strips of kelp. A side dishes of yellow radish kim chi provided a tangy, crunchy repast to the soothing jjamppong. The dish was piping hot, skillfully blended with color, texture and flavor and ample enough to feed two.

The menu is nothing to trifle with. Sure, there are the usual “safe” dishes: the hibachi or teppanyaki dishes with chicken, beef or shrimp. But there’s plenty of authenticity to explore at Yohane and enough options to keep a foodie happy for weeks. This is certainly not fusion cuisine, but savvy diners can easily see ethnic influences of Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisines in this menu.

Relax, slow down, and savor this glistening gastronomic gem.

7084 Hodgson Memorial Dr./(912) 355–8876

Fast food fix

Captain D’s quickly became a pile of rubble on Victory Drive and now Chick–Fil–A is rising like a phoenix from the debris.

Across Victory Drive, behind the hallowed glow of Krispy Kreme’s “hot” light, Dairy Queen fell to the wrecker’s ball and Zaxby’s is emerging from the sparks of the welder’s torch.

Fans of the trademark Dairy Queen swirl won’t have long to go without their soft–serve fix. A new Dairy Queen is emerging on the southeast corner of Hodgson Memorial and Eisenhower.

Can’t wait another 45 days? Tool to Pooler for a dipped cone at its new Dairy Queen, 439 Pooler Pkwy.

Hey, you’re 3!

Birthday wishes go out to Leoci’s Trattoria, 606 Abercorn St., on its completion of three years in business. Chef Roberto Leoci has continued to evolve this little Italian eatery and has taken on the menu at Bonna Bella, as well as expanded his retail line. He is ambitious and imaginative and never satisfied with status quo. Watch for more from Roberto and his wife and business partner, Lacie.

Last word on holidays

Dining together is the cultural glue we thrive on — time when we can sit around a table and revel in the simplicity of eating with friends, sharing a laugh and swapping a recipe. Please do just that over the coming day my friends. Eat, drink and be merry — and above all, be safe. Merry Christmas!