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The return of Pakwan
The little Indian restaurant Pakwan is back — this time in the former Daiquiri Island location on Abercorn Street.

I was always pleased when dining at Pakwan at Oglethorpe Mall — and equally disappointed when it closed several months ago. But the little Indian restaurant is back — this time in the former Daiquiri Island location on Abercorn Street.

The menu is solid, authentic Indian food. On my recent visit, I dug into the lunch buffet for aromatic, tender chunks of Chicken Tandoori and a spicy heap of Chicken Korma over rice.

On my previous trip, I was accompanied by Indian friends who qualified the food as authentic and delicious –– I don’t detect any difference. It’s a big menu, but servers and management are happy to help newcomers traverse the flavors and dishes of this exotic cuisine.

I was heartened to see a mother dining with her very young daughter –– and exposing her to the world flavors we have at our disposal. Neat, clean, plenty of free parking; lots of cool green plants give a tropical feel. I’m looking forward to a return visit to try one of my favorite dishes, lamb biriyani.

7102 Abercorn St./349–4261

Troy, through the Grapevine

After almost four years of serving Southsiders, this Med–influenced menu has come to Wilmington Island. This second location is on Johnny Mercer Blvd., the former site of Grapevine. My experience with the menu indicates lots of dishes with a Turkish influence –– and the Southside location has done beautiful eggplant dishes. I’m partial to the stuffed grape leaves.

346 Johnny Mercer Blvd./898 5080

Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet

The banners have been waving on Eisenhower Drive for weeks, and last week this new super buffet opened next to the Napa Auto Parts store –– and the parking lot has been jammed. Obviously, there are hibachi dishes, but also, lots of sushi choices and the claim of a 150 item buffet. It’s a wildly varied collection of Chinese, Japanese and plenty of American chow for your less adventurous dining companions. After all, there’s nothing like helping down delicious Chinese dumplings with pipin’ hot mac–n–cheese!

220 Eisenhower Dr./355–7878