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Three bites: A new way
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This whole Three Bites thing is killin' me.

Since beginning this column in late April, I've given you a quick overview of meals at more than 60 Savannah restaurants. It's intense, it's a scramble. A couple of my clients (I'm a business and communications consultant by day) have even commented about my lifestyle and my sedentary ways. I need to change my ways. One of my client friends is even sending me to Houston for a four-day seminar on fitness and nutrition.

But I groove on the gig. I love finding new food, great back stories and fun new restaurant people to turn you on to. Still I just can't eat like this week in, week out.

So this week, I'm gonna slide into a new format. You'll still get plenty of foodie news and restaurant info -- but without me having to eat everything in sight. If it's possible to be a leaner, meaner gourmand, sign me up.

Buckle up foodie pals, here we go:

Chocoholic Etcetera...

Ms. T. J. and I passed through the VIP gala for the 2009 Chocoholic Frolic at Ruth's Chris, yummy prawns, mini crab cakes, chocolate martinis -- and lots of friends to catch up with! Give founder Sarah Copeland some love: she retooled the event this year to be based in restaurants over an entire month. Your Chocolate Passport is good at EVERY listed eatery -- and imparts no further obligation. Visit the website for details.

We slid out and tried to eat at "an unnamed City Market eatery." The hostess made us wait for 15 minutes 'cause, "We're in the weeds," with half the house seats empty.

We were finally seated, then left because no server materialized.

We found a seat immediately at the bar at Vinnie Van Go-Go's Pizza -- man talk about an evening at opposite ends of the spectrum. We loved our shared three slices: hamburger, pepperoni and a "supreme slice with spicy Italian sausage, bell peppers, and onions." Pizza purists might trash the joint -- still it's an institution that offers up decent pizza with a funky atmosphere, cold beer and plenty of distractions.

Tapas Pioneer...

Jazz'd Tapas and Martini Bar set the bar for tapas in the city. This week they did it again by rolling out a new menu. Old favorites are still there, you'll notice some face lifts and a handful of new dishes on this elegant menu designed by the folks at In addition, chef's specials offered Thursday through Sunday nights step outside the box for some remarkable flavors and great values.

World Class Wines...

If you read this early enough, you can still score a seat at the Elizabeth on 37th wine dinner featuring Catena Winery of Mendoza, Argentina. It's Thursday, Oct. 8, beginning at 7 p.m. The five-course dinner by Chef Kelly Yambor will showcase six wines. Those, and two others will also be offered for sale at remarkable special event pricing. The dinner isn't for the faint of heart. Still the $150 per person price tag is certainly in line with what these wines -- and this meal -- will offer.

Seafood with an Attitude....

I love to slip into Desposito's, nearly under the Thunderbolt bridge, for shrimp salad, a stuffed crab and even a nicely sized Lowcountry Boil. Pulling away the other night, a full moon shone on the tin roof, neon beer signs silhouetted couples dancing close to a nicely stocked jukebox. It's a roadhouse for seafood -- and easily accessible -- too bad more people don't get it. Or maybe not.