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Three bites: Ken & Candi's, Egg Roll King, Five Guys
Ken and Candi's Bar-B-Q

Ken and Candi's Bar-B-Q

This former Southside restaurant has opened in a brand-spankin' new home on Ogeechee Road, just south of the intersection with Chatham Parkway. It's big and spacious -- and still sparkling new. I sampled the pork platter -- and didn't really know what to expect. No style is defined on the menu -- nor any detail on preparation. What I found was a coarsely chopped 'cue, more reminiscent of North Carolina style. The meat was smoked well and had good flavor, although mine could have used a better picking to remove excess fat and gristle. My side dishes, baked beans and macaroni and cheese, as well as the sides of my companion's -- collard greens and green beans, were all consistent in one aspect -- not much flavor. More robust seasoning would kick these dishes up a couple of notches. Diners have a choice of three sauces -- mustard, vinegar and a sweeter tomato-based red sauce. Other smoked meats include turkey breast, chicken, beef brisket and ribs.

4395 Ogeechee Road/ 232-5466


Egg Roll King

When I'm crushed for time and want a filling and satisfying lunch or dinner, I swing into the drive-thru at this Victory Drive Chinese joint. You've seen the menu if you're a fan of Chinese food. Sweet and Sour Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Beef and Broccoli ... the list goes on. Now, is it revolutionary Chinese take-out? Nah. But, it's made to order, not dished off a steam table -- and I love the enthusiasm of the youngster (George) who works the window. This kid can sell you more extras -- like Crab Rangoon or Egg Rolls -- over that order speaker than most fine dining servers can muster table side. It's just plain fun!

1801 E. Victory Drive/ 354-3420


Five Guys Burgers and Fries

After a few days of eating elegantly light, which I do more and more often, a quick hit from a classic hamburger really hits the spot! I gravitate to this chain eatery's Bacon Burger with its two hearty hamburger patties in a fresh, soft bun. I go old school with lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and mustard. These burgers are hot AND juicy! Each patty is hand-shaped from fresh, not frozen, ground beef -- and cooks off plump in the middle with those nice little crispy edges. You gotta have some admiration for a place that keeps its fresh potatoes and frying oil stacked around the lobby. The wonderfully hot and nicely salted French fries speak for themselves -- a small order is shareable for two or more diners. It's easy to see why the masses rave about Five Guys.

175 W. Bay St. (Corner of Bay and Barnard streets)/ 238-1227