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Three bites: Love's & Larry's

Love's Seafood

Sometimes, I just get a craving for fried shrimp. I remember the first time I had the dish -- I was 11 -- and on the banks of the Ohio River, it was considered a delicacy. Legendary Love's did not take me back. Our appetizer of big, battered onion rings was disturbingly cold when it arrived. The deep-fried sweet onions could have been a winner, but fell far short.
My platter of fried shrimp was ample but again, the warmest shrimp were the ones buried beneath a mountain of insulating French fries. The hush puppies, good news, are among the most authentic I've had in Savannah; the cole slaw was oddly over-seasoned with an indistinguishable savory flavor -- and simultaneously way too sweet. The view of the Ogeechee River was stunning, the food was not. My friend Daniel ordered a cheeseburger -- which seemed the best choice of the night.

Hwy. 17 South at King's Ferry/ 925-3616

Larry's Restaurant & Catering

My frequent dining companion and wife, T.J., paid an impromptu visit this week to another Savannah landmark, Larry's. Here's her report: Within minutes of placing my order, a vegetable plate with side salad, mac and cheese, tomatoes and okra, and blueberry crisp (hey, it was on the veggie menu, so that means it's a vegetable!) was delivered. Add a biscuit, coffee and water - and it added up to just $8.  To say the food was the best I've ever had would be blowing smoke, although it WAS the best tomato/okra dish I've ever had, and the blueberry crisp made me break my "only-eat-half-of everything" rule -- and the service was over the top (thanks, Debbie). Larry's serves breakfast from 6 a.m.-3 p. m., which are the hours of operation. You can get anything from eggs and pancakes to pork chops and sandwiches. The lunch menu features daily specials: I could have picked Southern fried chicken, grilled liver and onions or a number of other meat-filled dishes. For dessert, there's always pie - apple, lemon and coconut chocolate sound tempting.

3000 Skidaway Road/ 355-8272


Downtown fine dining restaurant Alligator Soul goes casual but Southern gourmet with a new lunch menu is slated to launch Oct. 5. The best news for diners, Chef Chris DiNello says everything on the menu will be less than $10 -- and he'll get you out in under an hour. Kasey's Grille in Midtown has new fall lunch and dinner menus and talk about value! Most lunch entrees are under $10; most dinner selections are less than $18. I'm partial to the sauteed mussel and frites at lunch, $12.