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Three bites: Noodle Bowl, Blue Goose Cafe, Breakfast Club
Tim Rutherford
The Noodle Bowl

The Noodle Bowl

One of my field researchers, Mr. Nichols, dropped off a menu from this Southside newcomer a couple of weeks ago.

"Very good," he reported, "Although the curry needs to be spicier."

The kinks are still being worked out, but I had a very satisfying bowl of egg noodles with braised beef, garnished with bean sprouts and bok choy. The assembly line process is fast, hot and satisfying.

I was happy to see several other groups enjoying lunch. Some of my companions liked the spicy beef -- I can't wait to go back to sample other noodle varieties and combinations. A pair of spring rolls were made in-house and offered more flavorful fillings than the typical frozen varieties served at far too many restaurants.

Fresh, tasty and enjoyable. The restaurant is newly remodeled and spotlessly clean!

7052 Hodgson Memorial Drive/ 692-1394


Blue Goose Cafe

The only thing more lacking downtown than a good, early morning breakfast joint is a good downtown all-night breakfast joint.

The wait is over.

Breakfast and lunch are the staples most days, but the restaurant reopens at 11 p.m. weekend nights and stays open through mid-afternoon the next day. It's a blessing for service workers doing closing shifts -- and sleepless Savannahians who prefer night owl hours.

I can say the biscuits and gravy are rock-star quality -- with big chunks of sausage in the creamy milk sauce.

Fluffy egg omelets, suitably greasy hash browns and an endless stream of piping-hot coffee fueled my groggy morning visit. Fried pies are featured on the menu -- and I'll be back soon to give 'em a try. After all, fried pies are the TRUE test of a Southern cook!

41 Whitaker St./ 236-1800


The (World Famous) Breakfast Club

Hi, my name is Tim, and I'm addicted to gravy.

My recent Tybee Island weekend featured, of course, a visit to The Breakfast Club.

And, of course, I sat at the counter, behind the cook top -- I love watching short order guys work!

I steered from ordinary eggs and pork and trademark Helen's Solidarity to sample Country Fried Steak smothered under peppercorn gravy.

This nicely cubed piece of beef had a fairly delicate but crispy fried breading - the beef prepared to about medium, was tender and offered plenty of flavor.

The grits were rich with a puddle of butter and my over-easy eggs were, as usual for this joint, dead-on perfect. My bite of a neighbor's Chorizo was wonderfully spicy and fresh -- it's also made in-house.

It's a landmark worth re-visiting every chance you get.

1500 Butler Ave. Tybee Island/ 786-5984