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Random bites: Barberito's
From Barberitos


This made–to–order Southwestern–influenced restaurant has done something very, very right. Baberitos took the made–to–order model and kicked it into high gear with insanely fresh ingredients.. Salsa, for example, is made from scratch every day. How do I know that? I spotted the tub of salsa as I peered over the sneeze guard to order my burrito.  “Wow, that looks hand made,” I said out loud. The cheery young server told me the story. The tray liner is emblazoned with, “Possibly the world’s best burrito.” It’s arguably the best in Savannah. My spicy chicken burrito was plump, filling and possessed the complexity of flavors that can only come from truly great ingredients. A burrito–slinger named Andy tossed my chicken onto the flat–top, hit it with seasoning oil and served it onto the burrito piping hot – and nicely spiced. Seasoned rice, black beans, fresh cheese and homemade salsa rounded out this feast. On my way in, and out, I swapped notes with neighboring owner Johnny Baker III, who agreed that even he’s impressed with the food, the atmosphere and the service. That’s high praise from a veteran chef who has cooked for some pretty demanding clients.. There are several vegetarian options for fillings, including tofu. A nice selection of salads is a treat for the lettuce eaters – a friend’s taco salad looked equally fresh and well made. Other choices include quesadillas, tacos, nachos and fajitas – all made to order. The cheese dip, which in most of our TexMex joints is a flavorless lava pool, actually had some textural character and a good taste. The corn chips are air light and thin. It’s great to see a new casual dining flag sprout in Savannah, particularly in a convenient location like Habersham Village. Add to that the restaurant’s great value and the ability to put together a fairly healthy meal and Barberitos could easily sprout up in other Chatham County locations.

4525 Habersham St./349–6750

Bits and pieces...

Topsail Bar & Grill has opened on Lazaretto Creek in the former location of Dewey’s Dockside. My “field researchers” say the kitchen is turning out some unique and delicious seafood dishes. The place got a top–notch cleaning and inside seating now sports glass–topped, cloth covered tables – as well as a spiffy new paint job. In true Tybee Island fashion, count on regular drink specials and live  music. It’s on my radar, stay tuned. Call ahead for details, 786–8686.