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Random bites: Randy's Bar-B-Q, Abe's on Lincoln
Tasty treats from Randy's BBQ

Randy's Bar-B-Q

Fellow foodie and recovering print journalist Big Apple told me about Randy's, a roadside pit master who has staked claim to the lot across from the Department of Family and Children's Services on Wheaton Street. As much as I love street food when I travel, I don't usually frequent these joints in Savannah. Mostly, that's out of support for others in the food service business who have to jump through endless hurdles with tax collectors, the health department and various licensing boards. Randy, however, does get an inspection from the health department, he last scored an "A' during a February 2010 visit. There is usually line, indicative of Randy's butter tender barbecued ribs and great value. My short stand in the queue saw plenty of the "Five Dollar Plate" being bagged up and driven away. I ordered one, too.  Back home in Kentucky, this is what BBQ dive joints call a rib sandwich: two slices of cheap white read and a pile of sauce smothered ribs. It's basic, primal - and satisfying. Randy, as it turns out, is not as much about smoking as barbecuing. What presence of smoke there is to the taste, it's over powered by his sweet, mildly tangy sauce. The juicy pork bites clean from the bone and delivers that fatty, tasty, decadent hit o' pork that I sometimes crave. No printed menu surfaced, but careful listening indicated that there is also chicken and potato salad - the addition of which, I suspect, make up the other standing option, the Eight Dollar Plate. Simple, satisfying: sweet, flavorful pork in a foam clamshell. Now that's some eatin'.

750 Wheaton St.

Bits and pieces...

Reality Check: My speculation about the label art on Fuzzy Zoeller vodka was finally answered last - but Fuzzy himself. According to The Fuzz, the image is entirely made up. Apparently, images of famous golf holes can be copyright protected. So, Fuzzy's Vodka front label depicts an entirely fictitious hole. Whistle Wetter: I stopped in Abe's on Lincoln, the new bar being brought to you by the same folks who own B. Matthew's Eatery and Blowin' Smoke BBQ. It's dark, cozy and fun, with the typical spirits menu and a solid collection of craft beers. The back room is comfy with sofas and overstuffed chairs - and big screen TV. The outdoor patio offers al fresco drinkers an experience in the great outdoors. Hot dogs, popcorn stave off the munchies; owner Brian Huskey says the menu may grow. Belly up to the bar 4 p.m;.-2 a.m., corner of Lincoln and E. Bryan streets.