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Random bites

Wasabi Fusion Downtown

I have a new favorite sushi restaurant. The service was amazingly fast, the sushi fresh and well–made, the atmosphere very cool and, at last, a sushi restaurant that still appreciates the art of the plate. My Blue Hawaii roll of smoked salmon with crab meat was topped with sweet chili miso sauce and caviar. A quick flash fry made the roll wonderfully crispy on the outside – cool and flavorful on the inside. A pair of nigiri style sushi of unagi (American eel) were nicely savory and the textures left me longing for yet one more piece to pop in my mouth. An appetizer of steaming hot edamame was ample – and I want to return to take a spin through the extensive cocktail and martini menu. This night though, hot, green tea hit the spot. Ms. T.J.’s highly decorated plate of Ebi Tempura Maki featured large rolls of tempura shrimp with cucumber and avocado. She added a house salad with ginger dressing to complement her spicy pick (no wasabi needed, thank you), and pronounced her dinner a perfect mix of elegance and great flavors.

113 M.L.K. Blvd./233–8899

Loc’s Chicken and Waffles

If you’re uncomfortable with the Soul food classic chicken and waffles, don’t worry. There are only two such dishes on this menu — and both feature dumbed-down examples using chicken wings and drumsticks. There are lots of pluses about this new  Sandfly breakfast and lunch restaurant. First, it’s a welcome addition to the neighborhood. It’s immaculately clean and tidy — and the remodeling presents a large, bright, welcoming feeling when you walk in the door. Food and service need work. The food tasted great — and was prepared properly — but it was cold. My waffle and bacon hit the table chilled to the point of not melting butter – and I had watched it move from waffle iron, to plate to table. The pass — the area from kitchen to dining room — sits under heat lamps, which were not turned on. That area is mere steps away from a constantly opening door, which this morning was whiffing the dining room with a 40–degree blast. Adding insult to injury. I couldn’t seem to get a refill on my single cup of coffee until I was preparing to leave. Never mind that a pair of servers were two tables away rolling silverware. Note: Customers are more important than rolling silverware when the dining room is full. In all fairness, I’ll go back. I like the space, the location, the food, the menu (despite no real chicken and waffles) — and let’s hope the newbies get their bases covered.

7360 Skidaway Road/692–1114


Wasabi Fusion Downtown