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A ‘Lynch-pin’ of hard rock stops in Savannah
Iconic metal guitarist George Lynch teaches a clinic at Portman’s
George Lynch
YOU KNOW THE OLD SAYING: If the van's a rockin'... they must be listenin' to Dokken.

Or, you know, something like that.

There will likely be plenty of Dokken fans at Portman’s Music Superstore this Saturday afternoon when that Platinum-selling hard rock band’s legendary lead guitarist George Lynch makes a special stop to promote his latest instructional book, published by music industry giant Hal Leonard.

“When we heard that George was going out on a short promotional tour, we jumped at the opportunity to bring him to Savannah, says Portman’s CEO Bruce Chapman.

“This was a tough get,” he continues. “They received about five times as many requests as they were actually prepared to book. We were in competition with stores all around the USA, so we’re thrilled to be able to host the clinic.”

Chapman says that while the two-hour event (which includes a Q & A session with the highly influential musician) will likely be highly entertaining and informative for the casual Lynch fan, what sets this particular clinic apart from many available to stores such as his, is the amount of detailed tips and tricks that Lynch is known for passing on to his fellow guitarists.

“He’s a very good teacher and an interesting guy. He seems to be that rare combination of someone who can both play a highly technical style of music and also communicate what he’s doing to the average player in a way they can relate to.”

“All clinics have some sort of instructional component,” explains Chapman. “But the kind of music guys like this play is not known for being very user-friendly! (laughs) Some people are amazingly talented, but they simply aren’t comfortable getting across what they’ve learned to others. George just seems really well-suited to imparting his knowledge.”

However, adds Chapman, if you’re merely a fan of George’s work in Dokken, the Lynch Mob, or his newest group, Souls of We, a ticket to this clinic is essentially a ticket to a private solo show by the revered guitarslinger.

“He’s bringing a CD with backing tracks he’s made specifically for him to play along to and demonstrate a lot of what he’s known for,” Chapman explains.


Here's a vintage clip of Lynch playing one of his signature tunes live in the studio:


A ticket to this clinic is also a simple and affordable contribution to a world-famous charitable organization. As with all of Portman’s clinics and events of late, the nominal charge (in this case, $3) will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Chapman says that’s a cause that’s relevant to every city in the country, which is why the loose-knit association of music stores that Portman’s belongs to has designated St. Jude’s as their official beneficiary.

“All the stores involved pool their funds, and last year alone we were able to give about $14,000 to the hospital,” he adds. “We also had a feeling that this event would draw far more people than we can accommodate, so doing advance tickets was a way to help keep that manageable.”

Chapman says that while he hopes there will be a few tickets left at the door on the day of the clinic, it is highly likely that it may sell out in advance. He strongly suggests that anyone thinking about attending call or drop by the music store as soon as possible to pick up theirs.

“We have room for 100 people, and almost half of those are gone,” he offers.

“I’ve been in this business a while, and I’ve never sold 40 tickets to a clinic a week ahead of time.”


Here, Lynch demonstrates his renowned agility on the acoustic guitar:


He also says that anyone who’s been thinking about purchasing an ESP brand guitar —the specialty instrument company Lynch endorses— may come looking for a great price on Saturday.

“We carry ESP’s line, but they’re in high demand and usually back-ordered. However, we’ve got a few in stock that have trickled over time. We’ll be happy to make some very good deals on them that day in honor of George’s appearance.” cs

George Lynch Guitar Clinic

When: Sat., 2 pmWhere: Portman's MusicCost: $3 (tel. 354-1500)Info:,