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AURA Fest prepares to push forward with livestream events
Tim Walls talks about upcoming launch of streaming series at The Sentient Bean
Vacant Flesh - photo by Laura Pleasants

AURA Fest Live Stream with Vacant Flesh

Sat., June 6, 8 P.M.

Catch the stream at

AURA Fest is a bright light in the Savannah music community. Founder Tim Walls has been promoting rock and metal for decades, and has particularly garnered a stellar reputation with his annual AURA Fest that continued right up until things came to a halt with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like so many promoters, venues, and artists, Walls was faced with uncertainty when it came to figuring out how to keep things going with the shows he puts on. When live stream events started becoming the norm, he realized he had an opportunity to continue on in that context. Now, he’s preparing his first live stream show at The Sentient Bean on June 6, with the great Vacant Flesh scheduled to play.

“I realized that there’s really no timeline, and no telling when I’m going to be able to do concerts again,” Walls tells Connect of his decision to start doing shows online.

“Maybe a month ago, I was just going bonkers not doing anything. I wanted to do something productive, and I think maybe one or two local bands asked if I was thinking about doing it.”

When it comes to set up in terms of audio and video, like many, Walls says he’s going to experiment as the shows continue in order to figure out what works.

“I’ve never done this before, and so we’re going to experiment. I have a few friends that are audio engineers, and we’re just going to figure it out as we go along. We won’t make it too stressful,” he says.

“We want to do something fun, and make it look and sound as good as we can with the budget we have. It’s going to be as close to being at a show at the Sentient Bean as possible.”

Vacant Flesh is a band that Walls has supported since they started, and their being an up-and-coming local act makes them the perfect introduction to what is shaping up to be an ongoing thing for AURA Fest.

“They might have been the first band to ask me if I was going to do anything, and they’re dying to do stuff too just like everyone else,” he says. A few other local bands are on the books so far going forward, and Walls laughs when he ponders how long the streaming shows will continue.

“We’ll just keep doing it until whenever we can do shows again,” he says. “If I’m happy with the way this goes, I hope we can keep live streaming the shows even when we have normal shows again.”