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Catch the spirit of summer with Stopover in the Yard
Great Peacock set to play at The Grey in new series

The Grey presents: Stopover in the Yard with Giant Peacock

When: Sunday, June 21, Food service beginning at 1 p.m., music at 2 p.m.

Where: The Grey

Cost: $21

Who: All-ages

WELCOME to the swankiest cookout ever.

Bid farewell to the days of charcoal-smudged sundresses, the arguments over what “well-done” actually means, the battles over who gets to be the DJ and please, for the love of god, just let the track play all the way through before choosing another?

Put the lighter fluid away. Buy a ticket for Stopover in the Yard.

In the sunlit “Yard” of The Grey—the outdoor area behind the big bar in the main dining room—attendees can kick back and enjoy summer’s finest culinary tradition, accompanied by live music, refreshing beverages, and, of course, award-winning food from Chef Mashama Bailey.

Savannah Stopover’s Kayne Lanahan sets the scene.

“Think elevated outdoor picnic food,” she says. “We’re letting them do what they do best.”

The idea for a musical picnic held at Savannah’s favorite new restaurant hit after Stopover V, when VIP festival attendees were treated to an oyster roast and a performance from returning Stopover band this mountain. The laidback vibe of the outdoor area paired with unforgettable dishes and entertainment made the exclusive party a hit. It also got the gears turning for the Stopover team.

“We started kicking around ideas,” Lanahan says. “’Let’s extend the Stopover brand in a kind of fun, new light.’”

The Grey was already offering lunch service and was interested in engaging an array of patrons.

“They didn’t want The Grey to just be thought of as a special occasion place,” Lanahan explains. “They want it to be more community-oriented. We reached out to some bands and agents, and they all loved the idea.”

Since the shows take place earlier in the day, Lanahan says the series will most likely consist of regional bands who can make the trip easily.

To kick off the new tradition is Nashville’s Great Peacock. Self-described as “a group of red-blooded country boys who aren’t afraid of the big city,” the band just released their debut LP, Making Ghosts, on May 12.

Strains of pedal steel and fiddle waft through radio-ready choruses that Tom Petty would envy; it’s beautiful, harmony-driven pop with a rosy Southern glow.

Wary of genre-dropping, vocalist/guitarist Andrew Nelson prefers to think of Great Peacock as pop band with folk tendencies.

As their name indicates, the band’s known for a colorful, showy performance.

“We’ve embraced the image of the big peacock feathers, and we want to entertain you,” said Nelson in a press release for Making Ghosts. “We look that way, we think that way, and we sound that way, too.”

While Great Peacock will certainly be captivating, the grub is sure to entice, as well. Look forward to seafood, grilled meats, and vegetables on your plate, and a choice of wine, beer, or house-made Chatham Artillery Punch in your glass.

While additional food or a beverage refill costs extra, the meal, drink, and entertainment is just $21 a head—a crazy-good deal for the lux Grey.

Next up is Thomas Wynn & The Believers on Saturday, July 11, with more events to be announced throughout summer.

Service runs on a first come, first serve basis, starting at 1 p.m.; get there early to soak up the full experience.