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A celebration of all things DIY at Sulfur Studios
Andy Keith, a.k.a. smalltalk, chats about upcoming arts event

DIY Fest Acoustic Show and Art Showcase @Sulfur Studios

Sat., Jan. 25, 7 P.M., $5 suggested donation

2301 Bull St.

Featured artist:

Lane Hoggard /

Music lineup:

Jake Menz /

Alex Bazemore /

Ryan Jones /

Thrin Diesel /

Forrest Long /

Matthew Williams /


Miranda Wiley - Lumpy's Emporium /

Jasmine Alexander - SOLFLAIR /

Lila MIller - Brooding Babe /

Clay Ehmke - Fox and Fig /

Boojuice Pins /

Lily Jenkinson - Playthingz /

Faust - Faust

Jason DeVincentis - Ghost Kids /

IF YOU'RE not familiar with smalltalk, the experimental artist—whose real name is Andy Keith—should be on the top of your list of music to check out. There’s so much to dissect in his layered, thoughtful, and imaginative production, but one thing’s for sure: he has a passionate for DIY art.

Not only does that passion come through in smalltalk’s song craft, it’s also on full display with his upcoming DIY Fest Acoustic Show and Art Showcase at Sulfur Studios on Sat., Jan. 25. For the second annual event, Keith will be bringing in six DIY musicians, a featured artist, live painting, interactive activities, and independent vendors.

“I had a friend on one of my tours host a show that was both music and art, and I really like the idea of bringing both together,” smalltalk tells Connect. “The idea behind it was really that there are so many people in Savannah who do really cool things, but do not have a venue to get out. A lot of things get closed down if it’s not a bar or it’s not making money.”

The event was particularly easy to set up, smalltalk says, because of how many DIY artists there were who were eager to participate.

“For this show, honestly we have a lot of my friends,” he says. “This is a little bit different, because this will be the first time we’ve brought someone from out-of-state in for the fest. My friend Thrin, from the band Winded, will be here are they’re fantastic. I’m really excited for that show.”

Other musicians slated to perform include, among others, Jake Menz, Forrest Long, and Matthew Williams.

There will be several vendors on hand, including Miranda Wiley of Lumpy’s Emporium, Jasmine Alexander of SOLFLAIR, Lila Miller of Brooding Babe, Lily Jenkinson with Playthingz, Boojuice Pins, and Faust.

“The people involved are all locals who have worked on their craft,” smalltalk says. “It’s a bit of a mix and match of everything—trinkets, headwear, pins, clothing, etc. It’s not necessarily stuff that could maybe be sold in a Savannah storefront. It’s kind of grungy and underground, but amazing.”