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A synth pop evolution for Street Clothes
The local band goes full force into a pop reinvention

Street Clothes, Nicholas Mallis @El Rocko Lounge

Sat., May 18, 10 P.M.

Local band Street Clothes started out as a straight up rock band, but quickly started evolving in a more electronic direction.

Their last album, Superautomatica, was in many ways the beginning of a more dance-oriented transformation, which is now fully underway.

In that process, two members left to form Bero Bero, and the band endured the departure of longtime producer/collaborator Peter Mavrogeorgis - owner of Dollhouse Studios - who left for Atlanta not long ago.

“For a minute there it was like, ‘What are we going to do? We don’t have our producer in town. A couple members left and started their own thing and fucking killed it. [Bero Bero] is incredible. But now we’ve kind of figured out what we’re going to do - make a badass pop record,” bandleader Andy Sutphen tells Connect.

Those changes did, indeed, push Sutphen even further towards danceable synth-centric music, which has led to the record that he’s currently working on - perhaps their most pop offering yet.

The changes also also made Sutphen and his remaining bandmates take the plunge and build a studio setup for themselves - allowing for the sonic and musical experimentation that’s currently taking place.

“The last record was super disco-y and dancey. This one has still got a lot of that. The single, which isn’t released yet, is going in a pretty 80s/early 90s direction. They’re all pop songs - catchy and fun, sometimes dark,” Sutphen says.

“We were like, ‘Let’s make a fucking pop record.’ No shame about it.”

The band has some new members this time around, which is already breathing new life into the songs and arrangements. It’s an exciting time for Sutphen and company, who are set for a gig at El Rocko Lounge on Sat., May 18.

It’ll be one of the first times that the recharged band has played together, and they’ll be testing out new material as well.

“We’re going to do a nice light show, it’ll be a nice mix of all the albums, and we’re doing a crazy amount of new songs,” Sutphen teases. “We’re doing four or five unreleased songs, which is a big deal for us. We haven’t done that before. We haven’t done new stuff in a year and a half.”

The band most recently turned some heads with their single “Tempt Me,” which was accompanied by a stylish video filmed at El Rocko.

“That video and that song got us into Atlantic Records and Sony Records in New York and LA. We got to have a meeting, and they wanted me to sell out a little bit harder than I wanted to,” Sutphen says with a laugh.

“So now we’re like, ‘Alright, let’s do something that isn’t going to compromise what we are.’ But luckily we really do like pop music. We like indie music a lot, but at the end of the day Blondie is my favorite band.”