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Adam Intrator and Eric "Big E" Moore @Trinity Lunchtime Concert Series
Adam Intrator

LAST year’s Lunchtime Series at Trinity United Methodist Church was one of the freshest musical ideas Savannah’s seen in a while. Borrowing a page from European tradition, the church opens its doors to the music lovers every fall Friday at 12:15 p.m.: cut out for your lunch break, grab a spot in a pew, catch a riveting half-hour performance, grab a coffee or lemonade, and head back to the office with time to spare.

This year, Trinity’s Music Director Jared Hall and Andrew Jay Ripley are introducing a new take on lunchtime performances. By pairing up unlikely Savannah musicians and asking them to create a half-hour set together, lunchtime just got far more interesting.

First up in the series is Adam Intrator (Triathalon, Hawaiin Boi) and legendary bassist Eric “Big E” Moore (Voodoo Soup, Fellowship of Love, and more). With Intrator’s soulful, R&B-inspired solo work and Big E’s incredible chops, this special kickoff show isn’t to be missed.

“As an extension of our Trinity Sanctuary Concerts and Thursday Night Opry, this Lunchtime Concert Series hopes to support and foster the development of arts in downtown Savannah, while not only providing music and arts in this historic downtown church sanctuary, but also supporting working musicians and artists with opportunities to perform,” Hall says. “This series also gives artists a platform to experiment with new ideas and collaborations with other musicians and colleagues. We hope it will help enhance music listening opportunities for members of the Savannah community and visitors.”

Friday, September 18, 12:15 p.m.