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All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, House of Gunt @Hang Fire
Special show signals end of an era in SAV nightlife
All Night Drug Prowling Wolves

Saturday, August 1, 10 p.m.

MOST everyone knows it, but few are saying it. It doesn’t feel right to type it out: Hang Fire—as we know it at its convenient Whitaker Street location, at least—will close its doors this summer.

It’s been one of those things that, maybe if you don’t say it out loud, it won’t happen, you know? Where the hell else in town can you catch an ambient drone act, get a little wet from a shirtless vocalist showering himself in PBR, pick up a fresh new zine, and see a drag show inspired by computer typefaces, and, typically, do it all in the same week?

I won’t venture into how much the little venue’s impacted my life in Savannah as a musician and all-around human—we’re on deadline here, and there simply isn’t time to repair a tear-soaked keyboard—but I will say: Hang Fire could never have been the screwball emporium of all that is local and good without the divine leadership of Wes Daniel and Heather Flagle.

Why have they succeeded? Because they believe in FUN. They believe in taking risks and saying ‘yes’ to the absurd and unheard of.

We should all learn to think more like them. So: when life gives you lemons, slice ‘em up at happy hour, convince your favorite band to reunite, and fly the frontman in from Brooklyn just for the occasion.

Wes Daniel, you party genius. Andrew W.K. has nothing on you.

The guys in All Night Drug Prowling Wolves used to play with Daniel’s old band back in Atlanta, says Tom Cheshire, aforementioned flown-in frontman. As All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Cheshire and company created some of the best rock ‘n’ roll in Georgia—think The Replacements meets The Clash with a little Southern grit on it (if you don’t already have it, download 2010’s Make It Right—you won’t regret it).

Cheshire loves Savannah—while you may have last seen All Night Drug Prowling Wolves around here three years ago at The Jinx, his “new” band, West End Motel, came through not too terribly long ago. Though they went their separate ways around 2011, ANDPW gets back together every once in a while for a good cause: we’re glad that honoring Hang Fire is one such an occasion.

House of Gunt starts off the show, ‘cause Hang Fire is the best. Long live Hang Fire!