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Antagonizers, DDC @The Jinx

"THIS is not a sad story, it’s just life," Antagonizers vocalist Bohdan Zacharyj prefaces on "Hold Your Ground."

It’s kind of a perfect thesis for their stick-it-out, working class brand of street punk, a homestyle blend of good ol’ fashioned dirty rock ‘n’ roll with all the singalong choruses and pickslides you could hope for.

They’re heading our way with fellow Atlantans Drink & Destroy Crew (DDC). Raspy oi-punk studded in drum rolls, catchy guitar riffs, and unforgettable choruses, it’s sure to be a fun performance.

You gotta love the kind brotherhood between these old school fellas: Antagonizers recently announced that they’ll be breaking out an unreleased song by Boston hardcore legends Gang Green during their tour set. A gift from Gang Green, “If I Had Your Problems” seemed more suited for an Antagonizers set, and was given to them under the condition the band make it their own. Keep an ear out for that one!

Saturday, October 17, 10 p.m., $7