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Bay Uno, Dare Dukes @The Sentient Bean

Saturday, March 21, $5

NEW Yorker Bay Uno comes to town with his very first record, Catalina, hot off the presses: Savannah folkies, you’re gonna love it. There’s a playful jangle about his scenic folk-pop: slow-buzzing, droning guitar feedback creeps up like summer heat, harmonies manage to be tight but feel breezy, horns croon their way in. For inspiration, Uno dipped into various bodies of water, particularly the shores of Catalina off the coast of California. Fans of indie-folk heroes like M. Ward, Sufjan Stevens and Devendra Banhart, come forward.

And who’s that stranger on the bill? Why, it’s Dare Dukes! It’s been a minute since we’ve seen the Savannah singer-songwriter perform: the man’s got a thrillingly full plate with a two-year-old, a four-year-old, and a new-ish career as Executive Director at Deep Center. We’re sure to hear old favorites from Thugs and China Dolls and Prettiest Transmitter of All, plus, Dukes reports, a brand-new song.