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Bitchmouth, Window Liquor, The Toxic Shock @The Jinx

Friday 1/9, 10 p.m., $5

BALTIMORE'S Bitchmouth returns! It’s always refreshing to see women helming hardcore projects, muscling out blistering, high-speed riffs, rattling your fillings and leaving big black boot scuffs all over our stages. Kelsey Hulvey’s vocals occasionally curl with snark around the corners, returning to slap you clean across the face with unfettered abandon – good luck catching your breath at this one.

Philly’s Window Liquor share the bill. Their six-track album, Glen, is a nasty, heavy thing, noisy and grungy with a stoney sludge pace to it. Though the album quality opts for a lo-fi tin-can-processer sound, beneath the grime flails what’s sure to be a super-fun live act.

Locals The Toxic Shock (Josh Sterno and Daniel Lynch of Crazy Bag Lady with Greta Odrezin on vocals, pictured) make their Jinx debut. They threw a four-song demo, Cyclist, up on their Bandcamp a couple weeks back; the longest song clocks in at a meaty 1:12.