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Caethua, Colby Nathan, Kastella, Jeff Zagers @The Sentient Bean

Saturday, February 7, 8 p.m.

TUCKED away in the Maine’s woodlands, Clare Hubbard crafts careful and evocative experimental folk songs under the name Caethua. Her Bathetic Records release, Red Moon, is a bone-chilling, haunting beauty: the dense work is meticulously layered with field recordings from swamps, forests and fields, laced with gloomy, resolute pianos, guitar, and Hubbard’s emotive, wounded vocals.

A tremoring grime hovers over carefully paced and introspective incantations; don’t be surprised if you quickly fall into her unusual and captivating rabbit hole.

Caethua is on tour with Colby Nathan, maker of lo-fi folk songs that, if cracked open, expose a subtle pop core. Locals Kastella and Jeff Zagers, who has put this whole evening together, join them.