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Cape Fear featuring Edna Allan Hoe, Boy Harsher, DJ Wilson @Hang Fire

OVER the past few years, Cape Fear has become this kind of dark portal that transcended the sloppy, bro-grind warpath of Congress Street. With windows blacked out by plastic tarp, the recurring event/ritual/party/experience showcases an unpredictable myriad of electronica artists, DJs, and performance artists—step through into Cape Fear’s dimension, and you barely recognize Hang Fire through the shadows and pulse.

Chris Powers (C Powers) co-established Cape Fear with Boy Harsher’s Gus Muller while Muller was organizing shows as Safe//Sound.

“We met through a friend and sort of connected on a mutual appreciation of house/techno,” says Powers. “Gus expressed interest in doing a dance music event monthly, and I was also very interested. Gus threw the name ‘Cape Fear’ out there—which resonated with me, since I had grown fond of a certain tune with the same name—and thus we began.”

Powers says that, though Cape Fear’s home base of Hang Fire will be leaving Whitaker at the end of the month, it’s not the end.

“I would say that this is not supposed to be the last Cape Fear, as in I do want to revive it elsewhere,” he says. “I want to revive it elsewhere mainly until Hang Fire re-opens. While when we started Cape Fear it was not location-specific to anywhere, we quickly (and myself more than others) became attached to Hang Fire. I am very horrified by the fact Hang Fire is closing, and see the upcoming months as a time to experiment with new locations and formats. You may see Cape Fear pop up in a new space or in a form unlike previous events.”

Cape Fear #18 is a return for now-Massachusetts-based Muller, who will perform with Jae Matthews in Boy Harsher, their dark electronic project. Atlanta’s DJ Wilson will get the crowd sweaty, and House of Gunt’s Edna Allan Hoe (pictured) performs, playing with the double-edged sword of sinister trash and fantastical hallucinations.

If you never got to experience Cape Fear’s #1-17, catch this last Hang Fire episode while the moment’s ripe.

“I almost never play a gig in another city that seems as much fun as Cape Fear,” Powers attests. “I did two gigs in New York City last month, and neither approached the level of freeness and positive energy of the Cape Fear events of the last year. Not even close. We do have something special going on, and I know that the atmosphere the Hang Fire fosters has a lot to do with it.” Saturday, August 22, 10 p.m.