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Chris Cook's Fetish Night @The Wormhole

Saturday, 10 p.m., free

IT'S BEEN four years since Chris Cook threw one of his famously wild theme parties. He returns on Saturday with an old staple of his party calendar: Fetish Night.

It’s a free party complete with DJs, two St. Andrews crosses (for the unfamiliar, that’s basically a big ‘X’ that participants are strapped to), and a best dressed contest.

“We are counting on participation of our guests for much of our entertainment,” Cook divulges.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own toys and dress in their fetish and Goth best.

Analog Kid and DJ Logik will spin EDM, synth, industrial, darkwave, and Goth classics all night.

“We have some surprises in store that weren’t advertised,” hints Cook.

Saturday may be a grand return, but the creative Cook promises there’s more in store, so stay tuned for future events.

“My plan is to focus on fetish parties and dark themes, with a colorful theme party here and there,” he says.