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Coastal Jazz Christmas Day Concert & Jam Session @Savannah Station
It's as much a concert as a community event

Thursday, 5 P.M., $20 advance via, $25 at door

AFTER A long day of gift exchanges and ham carving, it’s easy to pass out, basking in the glow of whatever marathon’s taken over the TV this year.

But come on—the couch is gonna be there long after the Christmas tree’s dropped all its needles. How about grabbing the family and catching a once-a-year jazz jam session?

2014 marks the 39th anniversary of the Coastal Jazz Association’s Christmas Day Concert & Jam Session.

Savannah Jazz Hall of Famer Teddy Adams calls the holiday tradition “camaraderie and friendly competition at the same time.”

Talented players and vocalists from both Savannah and surrounding areas will showcase their gifts. With the tight-knit nature of Savannah’s historic jazz community, and the great efforts of Coastal Jazz Association to continue an honored tradition, it’s as much a concert as a community event. It’s a time for hometown jazz heroes to gather, catch up (everyone’s back for the holidays, after all), and remind Savannah why they make us so proud. Plus, funds will be raised for jazz scholarships, keeping in tune with the season of giving.