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Cranford Hollow @Wild Wing Café Pooler

Friday, Sept. 26

POOLER IS exploding, if you haven't noticed, and one of its newest nightlife additions is a Wild Wing Café. They're blowing out the grand opening with a series of live bookings, chief among them in our view being Cranford Hollow this Friday. (If you're getting a bit of déjà vu, that might be because the band has performed at the Wild Wing in City Market.)

While this South Carolina ensemble, led by frontman John Cranford, has no doubt profited from the hipster-driven resurgence in Americana, they proudly fly the old-school banner of Southern rock—and not in an ironic fashion. Their sound is one part Allmans, one part Mumfords (indeed, they changed their name from Cranford & Sons to avoid comparisons), and one part Charlie Daniels, courtesy of the powerful, driving fiddle work of Eric “Thunder” Reid.