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Dad Joke #3: Guerilla Toss, Crazy Bag Lady, Mans Trash, Sunglow @Hang Fire

Monday, May 18, 10 p.m., $5

A NEW ENGLAND underground staple, Guerilla Toss is a careening, spazzy, psychedelic tour de force with its roots firmly planted in noise and chaos. Kassie Carlson is a vocal chameleon, pinging percussive vocal rhythms off the walls in a decidedly Deerhoof manner one minute, howling on the floor and splintering the very air around her the next. It’s occasionally catchy, often dissonant, and all roped together in a taut and unstoppable performance. Getting caught up in it live is the best way to experience the whole thing.

From Athens comes the whimsical and wiry Mans Trash, lo-fi, trashed-up pop performed on Casio keyboards, bass and drum machines.

Crazy Bag Lady and Sunglow offer local support. Daniel Lynch (of both CBL and Sunglow) and CBL’s Josh Sterno recently launched a booking entity called Dad Joke; this show is their third endeavor under the moniker.