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Dad Joke #8: Night of the Living Shred featuring The Ghost Ease, The Toxic Shock, Twisty Cats @The Wormhole

DAD JOKE continues to bring fresh touring punk, garage, and indie acts to the Lowcountry, and Portland’s The Ghost Ease stand front and center of Dad Joke #8. Jem Marie, Laurence Vidal and Nsayi Matingou blend weighty, fuzzy guitars with coasting vocals and eerie harmonies. Masters of ebb and flow, you’ll get lost in their wall of sound as guitars lay down thick chords, recoil into frenzied picking and slam ferociously into drums. Its angularity borders on math rock at times, nodding to grunge while still rendering something transfixingly ethereal.

Twisty Cats, Blake and Peter Mavrogeorgis’ dark dancy duo, continues to delight with their sultry originals (did you catch them at Art Rise’s Warhol Factory Party as The Velvet Underground last week?).

The Toxic Shock (which features Dad Joke bookers Daniel Lynch and Josh Sterno) and The Gumps round out the bill. Jacob Tatom, who you might recognize from his Wormhole trivia and karaoke, hosts.

Thursday, October 22, 9 p.m., $8, $4 with a costume