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DJ Serch goes for energy with Quarantine Concert
Veteran DJ plans special show with live visuals

DJ Serch / Quarantine Concert

Sat., May 9, 8:30 P.M.

More info on tickets and streaming links at

JASON Lanier has a long history as DJ Serch, the name he performs under as a DJ who specializes in breakbeats and all-around excellent music. The veteran artist is set to take the Tybee Post Theatre stage on Sat., May 9 for what’s sure to be the most unique Quarantine Concert so far and maybe one of the most unique things you’ll see all year.

Serch has been fascinated with music since he was young, but says that DJing in particular was “an afterthought.”

“I remember being 3 years old or so and my dad would quiz me on what was playing on the radio at any given moment. I could barely pronounce Dan Fogelberg but I knew his music when I heard it,” Serch tells Connect ahead of the show.

“I got into underground EDM /rave culture at an early age and would go to shows in different cities (also how I learned about nag champa) and visit the local record stores while in town. I had a crate of records before too long and was dying to hear what some of those records would sound like together; I was hooked the first session. I couldn’t wait to experiment with more sounds every chance I got.”

As far as actually pursuing a path in music, Serch points to a particularly formative experience early on in his exploration of rave and EDM culture.

“The first rave I went to here in Savannah in 1994 sealed the deal. It was called Sprung and it was at an old warehouse downtown. No bar, minimal lighting, no liquor license and tons of sound. Soulslinger with MC T.C. Islam [a NY junglist] were the headliners that night,” he says.

“After experiencing that sound, with that vibe, accompanied by that culture, I had found my ‘it.’ It was one of my most memorable nights to this day. That night, and others like it are the experiences that keep me still motivated to do this after all these years.”

After years of pursuing his craft, Serch is still finding ways to innovate and keep things exciting—including at his upcoming Quarantine Concert, where he’ll be fusing live visuals from Obamamo into his set. Trying new things is just one facet of how music fulfills him, though. The best part about what he does, he says, is the healing that he sees music provide for people.

“I reap so many benefits from it, like elevated mood and increased cognitive function, that it’s a really amazing by-product to also be able to take someone to a good place though music and take their mind off of the little things we can sometimes get hung up on,” he says.

So, with that said, what can people expect from the May 9 performance?

“Energy with ass for this one,” Serch says. “We’ve all been quarantined, stir crazy and need to release some pent up energy. Let's go!”