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England in 1819 @Hang Fire

Saturday, 10 p.m., $5

Southern born-and-bred, Andrew and Dan Callaway aren’t English, but they spent part of their childhood overseas playing in bands with their dad Liam, who taught USAF musicians. So there’s that.

More to the point, recording and touring as England in 1819, the duo play a sexy and intriguing mix of electronic music and orchestral arrangements, harking back to their original woodwind training. Haunting, ethereal lyrics combine with sinuous, scintillating grooves and atmospheres for an altogether unique listen.

It’s dreamy symphonic trip-trance-pop, is what it is, and it continues Hang Fire’s efforts to expand Savannah’s sonic palette by booking experimental, cutting-edge touring bands. The additions of Fare the Gap and Sunglow to the bill make this an evening unlikely any other in town this weekend, for sure.