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FeelFree @Rocks on the Roof

Reggae on the Rocks? Yes, please! Take advantage of Savannah’s sunny weather surge and hit the Bohemian for some rooftop time and radiant grooves.

Hailing from Washington, D.C., FeeFree blends jazz, blues, reggae, and a killer horn section to create a cultural melting pot of sound. The band credits their hometown for their exposure to innumerable genres and musical styles, and the influence shows: the talented players come together to create something truly unique that laidback Savannah is sure to love.

From sultry, watery grooves that demand a frozen fruity drink as accompiment to hard-hitting dance grooves, it’ll be a diverse night as Andrew Pfeiffer (guitar, vocals, trombone), Bryan Frank (drums), Garrett Clausen (bass, vocals), Cloud Cantfil (trumpet), and Jack Kilby (percussion and drums) fill the room with positive vibes and sunny sounds.

Saturday, February 27, 9 p.m.