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FOR THE INDIE DARLINGS: The Toothe, Whaleboat, Culture Vulture @Hang Fire

10 p.m.

YOU totally spent Valentine’s morning gifting each other records over mugs brimming with Graveface’s Midnight Offering coffee, didn’t you? Uh huh.

You’re no stranger to late nights on the town, so a packed Hang Fire bill is the perfect way to spend your V-Day; get two straws to share your Scorpion Tea and you and your sweetie will be just the cutest.

Asheville’s The Toothe return to Savannah. They may be an acoustic trio, but they’re ready to “burn it to the ground” with unbridled revelry. While the band is rooted in folk-pop, they’re enjoying exploring new styles as they work toward recording a full-length.

“We take joy in writing in as many styles as we can,” they explain.

They’re looking forward to spending V-Day at Hang Fire.

“We love Savannah,” they say. “It’s a stately, sweaty little town!”

Can’t argue with that.