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Fur Elise @Pour Larry's

Friday, 10 p.m.

Back in February, when the band was searching for a new lead singer, a cryptic Facebook post on their page simply said, “Indefinite hiatus until further notice. Man, fuck this band.”

A winking emoji after the status update didn’t negate the obvious question mark surrounding in the ensemble, known for their aggressive and guitar-heavy blend of punk sensibility and very tasteful echoes of ‘90s grunge – not to mention their rowdy, boozy stage act.

At the time, singer/bandleader/chief cut-up John Cargill was suffering a bout of throat issues which prompted the abortive search for a new singer. But things are looking up in Fur Elise world, as the band reunites with the original lineup – Cargill, David on bass and Michelle on drums – for a much-anticipated gig in City Market.

So is Cargill still capable of pulling off his trademark Rock God screams? That’s up to you to find out, this weekend at the show.