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Gláss, Blackrune, The Francis Vertigo, Crazy Bag Lady @The Jinx

IF YOU'DA told me ten years ago that a bunch of noise/post-punk bands would emerge from Greenville, South Carolina (home of Edwin McCain with a history of claiming Hootie & the Blowfish, as well—sorry, Columbia?), I would have called you downright silly. But Friday’s show is stacked-talent proof that my weird little hometown (G-Vegas, baby!) is creating some kind of strange, dark magic.

Now, Gláss may be claiming Athens now, but the band was born in Carolina (they’ve since relocated), and tour mates The Francis Vertigo still hail from Upstate Kakalaki, and yes, I will have used all the dumb SC slang I can muster by the end of this Band Page entry (864 represent!). Blackrune’s Paul Goerner is also a native of the Former Textile Capital of the World, so for one evening, you’ll be whisked away to the land of Blue Ridge Mountain foothills, Calvinist learning institutions, Michelin tires, and moonshine.

If your record collection is stacked with LPs by Swans, The Fall, Joy Division, and the like, you’re going to like Gláss. Spiky, icy, and gothy with well-crafted, memorable moments and tones, they fit well in the ‘80s post-punk revival canon à la iceage and Protomartyr. The trio just released their debut LP, Accent, on the label Post-Echo; from the high praise it’s received so far, we’re sure to be seeing more of the young band in the future.

The Francis Vertigo offers up gritty, infectious rock that’s as catchy as it is scuzzy.

Savannah’s own Blackrune will be selling downloads and pre-orders for Dead Temples, a “musical-literary fantasy-odyssey in nine parts, drawing inspiration from mythology, occult history, film, and literature on a journey to explore the fringes of post-rock, psychedelia, and the esoteric soundtrack as a standalone experience.” The hotly-anticipated record is two years in the making and is a “true” Savannah release recorded at Dollhouse and released on the Furious Hooves label.

And speaking of Protomartyr, Crazy Bag Lady gave out download codes for their second, self-recorded album, Beauty Love, when they performed with the Detroit band at The Jinx a couple months back. It’s a scuzzy, scrappy beast of a thing, standing in stark contrast to the polished pop edge of their Retro Futurist debut, Hunks; it’s also the recording that best captures the berserk unpredictability of the Cray Bags live show.

Friday, April 1, 9 p.m., $ TBA, 21+