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Goodbye for now, Nancy Druid
Anna Chandler set for move, but promises future local gigs

Nancy Druid, Bro Diddley & the Hips, Jezebel Heart @El Rocko Lounge

Fri., August 2, 9 P.M.

Savannah’s beloved Anna Chandler, a staple in the local music scene for many years, is saying farewell for the time being.

She’s heading up to South Carolina to be closer to family, but will still be focusing heavily on finishing up projects with her two stellar bands, Nancy Druid and COEDS. She’ll be having a bit of a going away party August 2 at El Rocko, alongside an incredible lineup.

“It’s the last show on the books at the moment,” she tells Connect.

“I’ll be moving back to the Carolinas in mid-August. We’ll definitely be back in town to play some more, but right now this the last Nancy Druid show for a moment. But when fall comes back around, we’ll be right back at it.”

Nancy Druid will, indeed, live on while Chandler makes her move up to the Carolinas. In fact, they’re planning lots of new material for the El Rocko show.

The new material, she says, feels extremely cohesive and she’s hoping her new surroundings will help to inspire the direction of the songs even more.

“I kind of want to take some time with those songs. They feel really cohesive to me as a piece, and we’re just at, like, 10 tracks. Which I think might be the sweet spot, but I kind of want to see if anything else comes out. And when it feels right, we’ll go ahead and start recording,” she says.

The songs have been in the works since winter of last year, which was a particularly fruitful period for Chandler creatively.

“The winter is a really productive time for me, writing-wise,” she says. “I guess things kind of slow down in Savannah in terms of shows. I’m a big fan of staying at home, cozying up, and just writing. There’s something about that time of year where I’m always really productive. I guess it’s kind of a hibernation.”

Environment, Chandler says, plays a big part in what she writes and what direction a song can go in.

“I think for me, it’s also the days being shorter. Thinking about it now, I do coop up and write around that time, but I got my kayak around November so I was being really active and I was camping a lot. Going solo camping is always really helpful to me, just to get out and sit in silence. Sometimes I journal, or sometimes I come back and journal and songs come out of it,” she says.

“There’s a lot of the woods, a lot of walking through dark places alone. I think a lot of it was camping alone in the woods and just being alone in the sounds,” Chandler says.

“I like camping alone a lot because it strikes up this really carnal fear. You can hear the animals rustling around you, and you really get in that survival mode. I think that’s a large theme on this album, not just in that way but also in terms of self preservation.”

The new Nancy Druid songs, she says, will be a good bit darker than the band’s previous efforts, and the lyrical content is significantly heavier.

“This new album is darker, and it’s a little more murky. The guitars are a little more angular. Greg Rettig has been playing guitar for me, and he’s got sort of a post rock/hardcore background,” she says.

“We played all the new ones back to back the other day, so we could sit with them for a minute. That was the first time I noticed the thread running through it,” Chandler says.

“There’s this vibe of self-preservation, there’s a fighter mentality, and there’s an aggression. I think it was coming from where I was at the time, but also a lot of what I was reading and what was going on in the world.”