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Hailshot: 'Indiana devil rock'
Metal band headlines big bill at the Jinx

Hailshot w/ HOTPLATE, Kamikaze Zombie, Towering Abomination

The Jinx, 8 p.m.

$8, 21+

HAILSHOT hails from sleepy Milford, Indiana, but the band is anything but sleep-inducing. The power trio delivers a crushing attack that mixes old school metal like Pantera and Venom with the latest doom/death metal vibe.

It’s a tight sound forged over nearly a decade together — “we’ve been best friends since high school,” says guitarist Matt Reish.

Hailshot brings their national tour to the Jinx on the heels of their new release, Baptized in Sulphur: The Second Death.

It’s a stacked, four-band bill that promises to be one of the best metal/punk shows of summer 2018. We spoke to Matt last week.

Y’all were at the Jinx almost exactly a year ago.

We are so excited to play in Savannah again. It’s kind of funny, because I lived around there for some time when I was real little — Ft. Stewart, I think it is?

Savannah’s a similar vibe to where we’re from in Indiana. It’s a small town, not a metropolis, but there’s lots of things to do. Some places we go, there’s nothing to do but sit in the van for hours.

When were in Savannah, we found time to go out to Tybee, and we hung out in that whole area by the Jinx. We knew we wanted to come back.

Savannah’s metal scene has become pretty influential for such a small market.

Funny you mention that. We opened for Black Tusk in a show in Indiana. We were already fans of theirs, and we remain huge fans. It was so welcoming to come to the Jinx and see the whole place just covered with things relevant to us. And then we found out [Black Tusk drummer] Jamie is a bartender there too!

That was actually our first tour. This right now is only our second big tour. We had kind of an epiphany. My day job was going to hell, and I decided we should try and book that first tour. It was like, are we going to do this, or just be a band that just stays close to home.

Usually the Midwest is a pretty good metal scene.What’s it like in Indiana?

Spotty. Indianapolis has a big doom metal scene. But lots of tribute bands and cover bands, man. Tribute bands are huge around here.

Believe it or not, we’ve never actually played a gig in our own hometown. But we’re two hours from Chicago, two hours from Gary, Indiana, and not far from Indianapolis. We’re basically within a two-hour drive of a lot of places to play.

Where did ‘Indiana Devil Rock’ come from?

I wish I had some cool, cult-style story, but it’s really based on a flyer I did for a show in Chicago. We didn’t want to bill ourselves the usual boring way, so I somehow came up with “Devil Music from Indiana.”

I looked at it and thought, well that’s pretty interesting. So I added Baphomet and the pentagram thing to it, just laughing my ass off the whole time. It was perfect.

Tell us about this show.

HOTPLATE is on the bill — they are fantastic. We played with them last time we were in town, and they were put on the bill. We liked them so much that this time, we put them on ourselves.

The other two bands are joining us on the whole tour. Kamikaze Zombie is from Birmingham Alabama. We’ve been buddies with them for the past year or so.

And Towering Abomination are some good friends of ours from up in Wisconsin. They put on an incredible show, just ridiculously over-the-top and also very funny. When they play, they’re so technical they make my brain hurt!