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Hang Fire's 9th Birthday Extravaganza @Hang Fire
Dumb Doctors

Friday, July 17, 9 p.m., free

FOR just shy of a decade, Hang Fire’s been slinging Scorpion Teas and packing that funny little glass shotgun room with some of the best, weirdest, and most wonderful memorable entertainment the city’s seen. With this lineup, it looks like Friday’s going to be the throw-down of the year.

Really, this is more of a reunion at the ole family farmhouse than a show, with Wes and Heather as patriarch and matriarch and appearances by bands like Wet Socks and Sauna Heat that were born on that beer-soaked hardwood floor in a time in which hospital births weren’t quite a thing yet.

The entity known as Sauna Heat relocated with Michael Younker to Rhode Island, so it’s a homecoming for the garage project. Savannah hardcore band Forced Entry cap it off for the locals, and Dumb Doctors, heading down from Charleston, and are an absolute blast of noisy garage fuzz.

Ease up on those Scorp Teas so you can tell your grandbabies about it—or just give that phone a full charge before you head out and let the photos tell the stories.