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Homegrown Hip-Hop spreads the light

Hip-Hop's current trajectory is unknown. With a market flooded by sub-par lyricist and public figures whose messages are little more than negativity and degradation there is a local light combating Hip-Hop's desecrators.

Dilated Music Group, headed by Eric Brown, has undertaken the task of propagating true Hip-Hop while simultaneously widening the Savannah music scene with an eclectic blend of local artists featured in the Emcees of the Round Table series.

A driving force behind the series is to restore Hip-Hop's proper position and image-an image that has been marred by mainstream "musicians" using the medium to detail their gross shopping expenses and ostentatious lifestyle, increasing ignorance at the cost of intellectual self-expression.

Purge the mainstream's mantra of "Get money, f@#$ bitches" from your mind and take the enlightened avenue paved by Dilated Music Group to Emcees of the Round Table. The innovation of these Savannah artists encourages us to rise above and return to the roots where "Hip is the knowledge, Hop is the movement, Hip and Hop is the intelligent movement," as KRS One says.

Thursday the Boiler Room will play host to the second installment of Dilated Music Group's: Emcees of the Round Table, showcasing locally renowned Hip-Hop artist such as, KidSyc, Mac the Knife of Dope Sandwich and Miggs the Artist, a Word of Mouth member, alongside guest performers.

Where & When: Show begins at 10p.m. tonight (Thursday) at The Boiler Room, 302 Williamson Street.

Cost: Donation of $5 or more, all proceeds will go to the performing artists.