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Hot Plate, Doom Salad, Star Period Star @Hang Fire

Thursday, 10 p.m.


THEY'VE BEEN around for several years now, but the way Hot Plate has recently grown and tightened their live show and sound makes them one of our best local bands. The instrumental four-piece is unmistakably Savannah, steeped in the weighty, grimy saunter of 912 sludge and sharpened by tenacious attack.

The beauty of lacking a vocalist is being able to really take in each player’s individual talents—Aaron Givens and Robert E. Melton III shred the hell out their guitars, inventing on-your-toes melodic and exploratory riffs. Patrick Hussey nearly beats his drums into the floor, and Jacob Givens brings a new creativity to bass playing.

Doom Salad, featuring members of KidSyc@Brandywine, is an appropriate pairing—instrumental with an emphasis on psychedelic and experimental.

Star Period Star delves into trippy, prog territory with tense guitars under carnivalesque organs.