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Hot Plate, Fiasco, Kyle @Hang Fire

Friday, April 10, 10 p.m.

Sometimes a bill is like a perfect pizza: a big ol’ pie loaded with toppings that complement each other in the best ways possible. Maybe I’m hungry, but the Hot Plate, Fiasco, and Kyle show is one such bill. Let’s see what goes into this delicious ‘za, shall we?

In lieu of portabella mushrooms, we have dizzying distorted, sometimes zany, guitar leads. Swap green peppers for heavy bass and throw in a knack for inventiveness and experimentation where the Italian sausage should be.

Post-rock, post-punk, blah, blah, blah. Good rock music, just like a good pizza, isn’t always about fitting under one neat moniker or identifier: it’s about the moment it hits you and you say, “Man. That’s really, really, really good.” Bon appétit.