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Hymn for Her @The Sentient Bean

SINCE 2011, Wayne Waxing and Lucy Tight have been making some of the most exciting and entertaining Americana music a fan can come across, full of twists, tight harmonies, and eclectic fun. With Waxing on the kick drum, high-hat, acoustic guitar and harmonica, and Tight on a custom-made cigar box guitar (two pickups, three strings, broomstick handle), it’s souped-up sass rolling like a tumbleweed lost in Appalachia, and it’s guaranteed to get your boots tapping and stomping.

The couple live in in their timeless Airstream trailer so they can tour full-time, with kiddo Diver, Manny, the nanny, and dog Pokey in tow. The Airstream doubled as a recording studio for 2010’s Lucy & Wayne and The Amairican Stream. That impressive record boasts the great “Slips,” which, over bubbling pickin’ and harmony strains declares with a wry, wicked grin: “I wanna be good, but it ain’t no fun.”

Seems they’ve carved out the best way to be at least a little bit good and have fun and live the dream: with guitar on knee and baby on hip and the wide open road ahead. Tuesday, September 1, 8 p.m., $5