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In Defence, Trophy Wives, Generation Pill, Shiloh, Mother @The Guild Hall
In Defence

Thursday, February 19, 6:30 p.m. $10, all ages.

THOSE looking for a taste of history should head on down to hear In Defence, vets of Minneapolis’s DIY hardcore scene. With two LPs distributed by seminal punk collective Profane Existence and a near-decade of running basement circle pits and sharing stages with The Casualties, Danzig, Skeletonwitch and more, they’re evidence of tradition. Coastal Rock Productions has wisely paired them with a sampling of young Savannah punk and hardcore bands.

With juggernaut basslines and muscular guitars that thrust crowds into a furious kind ebb and flow, In Defence’s style is comprised of crucial elements of thrash and hardcore, but their love of a good pun is what really sets them apart.

The band knows that their crowd’s heard all manner of bands rail against police injustices, war, and Monsanto—In Defence certainly make their own jabs across their storied discography, as well—but it’s lashing out against the pointlessly precious things, like moshing and fast food, that they know truly gets under their audience’s skin. Really: how many bands do you know that are daring enough to open with the most brutal drum rampage while sneering, “the only good thing about pizza is the crust?”

They’ll arrive in Savannah hot off the release of “Unholy Water,” their first single in three years. Recorded with Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind, it’s studded in skittering guitar leads and all the aggro assault that fans have come to know and love.