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Isaac Smith, City Hotel @The Sentient Bean

WHILE Isaac Smith and his rotating cast of support may be a familiar sight on the restaurant/bar circuit, Smith considers the hard-gigging project’s upcoming Bean show to be their first true Savannah performance.

“I know a lot of people follow us and know us as guys that do a lot of covers, pop to rock stuff...but we never really get to showcase the original material,” the singer-songwriter shares. “The idea of going to the Bean was to get away from a traditional restaurant/bar setting and go into a listening room environment, actually be able to talk to our audience, tell stories about where the songs come from and what they mean, and connect.”

Last October, Smith released Magnolia Bloom, an EP of love songs and introspective uptempo cuts flush with Americana/folk tendencies and Georgia lilt. While the audience is likely to hear some of those memorable songs, Smith has a new crop of tunes to showcase at his intimate gig, too.

“I’m really proud of them,” he says. “As an artist, as a musician...I want to be an artist you can trust. I want to be an artist that is true to himself, and so, for better or worse, in these new songs, I’m very honest. It comes from a place deep down inside, and I want to be someone you can trust onstage and offstage. I want integrity to be a huge thing, and that’s been the inspiration behind the music: to have a trustworthy approach to songwriting.”

The Georgia born-and-bred son of a pastor, Smith’s giant, memorable choruses recall the hymns of his youth, pairing well with his impassioned, borderline-cinematic modern folk influences (think The Lone Bellow, The Civil Wars, etc.).

Guitarist/vocalist Smith will be joined onstage by drummer Robert Saunders, guitarist Ethan Stewart, and bassist William Cusack.

“We’ve been working really hard on our songs and making it sound great,” Smith says. “We’re really excited to show you the polished side of our music.”

Local bluegrass heroes City Hotel open the night.

Thursday, September 24, 8 p.m., free, all ages