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Jon Autry & the Naval Avionics, Vocabulary, Curb Dogs @Graveface Records

Sunday, February 8, 7 p.m.

THANKS TO Furious Hooves and our favorite neighborhood record shop, this weekend’s busy show calendar spills over into Sunday evening with an all-ages showcase of pop and rock flavors.

Coming from a background of garage rock, noise punk, and electronic music, Brooklynite Jon Autry merges his myriad of influences to create punchy, upbeat power-pop with a stripped-down singer-songwriter’s mentality.

Released on the label he co-founded with his musician wife Laura Balke, 2014’s Beautifully Broken combines glimmers of languid, My Bloody Valentine-esque vocals in places, structure and tone reminiscent of Death Cab for Cutie’s more upbeat cuts, and even flashes of new-wave synths. Somehow, it all comes together in a way that just plain works.

Vocabulary is Cameron Allen, a born and bred Savannahian who spent awhile in Atlanta, performing in the band Places, before moving back home recently. His album of bedroom recordings, Faded Days, was heralded by Pitchfork as “the product of a young songwriter and sound architect that proves he holds a wellspring—almost an entire world—of ideas.”

Curb Dogs is a brand-new guitar-rock project featuring Max Buckner, Coy Campbell, Luis Salazar, and James Chapman. They’re a busy crew: Chapman’s playing in Carpet Coats alongside Sean Muldrow and Todd Yuratich, Salazar’s in on a new project, Garden Giant, with Devin Smith and Brad Shields, and Campbell’s hitting it hard with his own Nightingale News. Curb Dogs is the gang’s chance to break out some good ol’ fashioned Dinosaur Jr.-style crunch—“rock and roll with a pop spine,” Campbell calls it—and the Graveface crowd is lucky enough to hear it for the first time.