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Junior Brown @Randy Wood's Pickin Parlor Concert Hall

Saturday, 8 p.m.

RANDY WOOD continues to be the leader in bringing the finest pickers to the Lowcountry. Junior Brown, dubbed “#1 House Rocker” by Guitar Player Magazine, has spent his career pushing the boundaries of Country-Western music, throwing in rock ‘n’ roll, Hawaiian, and Western Swing influences.

A beloved fixture of the Austin scene, Brown has had a seasoned career, both as a player and a songwriter, and, at 62, is still going strong. He tours regularly and, most recently, provided the comical, ham-bonin’ theme song to Better Call Saul, the anticipated spinoff of AMC’S hit show Breaking Bad.

In addition to hearing favorites like “Highway Patrol” and “My Wife Thinks You’re Dead,” a highlight will be witnessing Brown’s incredible technical skills on the “guit-steel,” a doubleneck lap-steel/six-string of his own invention. Checking out his wild chops on the hybrid, which he’s been honing since his “eureka” moment in 1985, are worth the drive out to Bloomingdale for fans of all genres.