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Les Racquet @Barrelhouse South

Thursday, Sept. 25, 11 p.m., $10

THIS LIVELY Brooklyn-based trio with quasi-local roots is known for their dynamic live shows —which given their work rate and tour schedule have become comparatively rare and highly-anticipated events around here, despite their longtime ties to our area. Their sophisticated but party-ready sound features jazz/reggae syncopation and tight but warm harmonies.

This isn’t the first time the boys have played Barrelhouse South, but what’s new this time around is that they will debut some brand-new material in an effort to perfect the tracks for an upcoming recording session.

“This August we spent some time in Maine,” reports Les Racquet drummer Daniel Malone. “We were able to write ten new songs in as many days.”

After recording some demos, Malone says, the songs will now face further honing in front of live audiences.

“We’re excited to record after we have evolved the new songs some,” he says. “We find that feedback from fans and experience playing the tunes does wonders to song form, harmonic motion and overall flow, so this time we decided to let the songs grow and evolve on tour with us before bringing them into the studio.”

American Mannequins opens.